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REPOST: I wrote this on my daughter’s first day of primary, and today is her last! ((My girl goes to school all day.))

From September 2011: Sigh. Sob. Oh dear. Not sure how I'm going to get on with this........ My girl is going to school ALL DAY. 6.5 hours. I am delighted that she is excited to go. But sad and incredibly emotional (!) that four years has passed in an instant. She was my tiny new… Continue reading REPOST: I wrote this on my daughter’s first day of primary, and today is her last! ((My girl goes to school all day.))

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Last days at Primary School

After seven lovely years, my eldest daughter has her very last day at Primary School today. We  already 'left' once. As last year we moved into our very lovely home and relocated some miles away [more about that another day]. So, the blog I wrote in September 2011 when she had her very first day… Continue reading Last days at Primary School

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How to solve a problem like Migration

How to solve a problem like migration? “exodus of biblical proportions” “broke through barriers and will walk 110 miles to Austria” “walked the entire length of the channel tunnel and was caught meters before the end, with trains passing at 100 mph” “boy washed up ashore” I’ll be honest. At the start of the summer… Continue reading How to solve a problem like Migration

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Waiting for a Saviour – will you find Him?

I came down to read, pray and write this morning and have to share these words with you... It's an extract from the book I've written: "Alive!" it takes you on the journey from creation to the birth of Jesus, His life of miracles, His death and triumphant resurrection and what that means for us right now, today...… Continue reading Waiting for a Saviour – will you find Him?

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I have some very successful friends, in business, involved in societal change, leading ministries, leading families and in music and the arts. And sometimes, I wonder what makes them keep going in comparison to all the times I've wanted to give up. I found out they all have felt the same way, but instead of using the desire to give up to pull back or slow down, they have intact used it to spear them on and to advance.

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November, November... Happy third birthday to my little blog ❤ And a big thank you for reading, encouraging, commenting, liking and clicking my blog. Cheers to you! Who knew that I would be able to keep on with something so long (if you've read long enough, you'll know my trouble with "finishing things"!)? I took… Continue reading Diamond.

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When something you notice disappears…

So. For the past few weeks I noticed something. Initially, it annoyed me. I wanted to do something about it. It was a lot of rubbish. I considered posting a note- not such a good option. I considered talking to them-better. I wondered why it annoyed me so much... better still!Anyways. In the first few… Continue reading When something you notice disappears…

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Autumn: Time for favour and risks!

The last time I wrote, it was the middle of summer, blue skies, warm days, summer dresses. Then we went on holiday and to our lovely friends' beautiful vintage wedding in St Ives. Spending the week in Cornwall was truly lovely we stayed with friends at their retreat centrI with a chapel dating back to… Continue reading Autumn: Time for favour and risks!

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Discipline // Grace // Extravagant Love

 Whether for discipline or grace or extravagant love, he makes sure they make their mark. I was awoken this morning by an upset little girl, she's teething. No matter how many children I have nothing can prepare me for this bit! ......... Oh how hard it is to get out of bed when all I wanted to… Continue reading Discipline // Grace // Extravagant Love

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I can!

We have just returned from the most beautiful farmhouse in France. We went with my parents and had such lovely food, drink, chats, log fires and happy memories. The worst thing about returning home with three children in the unending amount of laundry. I gave myself a target (!) I found Dr Caroline Leaf's podcast… Continue reading I can!